Extra-Judicial Debt Collection

Extra-judicial debt collection, or debt collection procedure, has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to collect debts. The client enters into a customer contract with AP Collection LLC, based on which AP Collection LLC commences authorised debt collection procedures. Service fees are paid by the client only in the case of actual debt collection. Service fees are certain percentages of the collected debt.

Carrying out debt collection procedures, we adhere to the following phases :

  1. Sending debt reminders by post, fax, e-mail as well as text message;
  2. Communicating with the debtor by telephone;
  3. If necessary, arranging a meeting with the debtor;
  4. The debtor may – if necessary and after client approval – apply for a payment schedule;
  5. Data on debtors are published in the credit register of Krediidiinfo Ltd.

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