Credit Management

We will monitor invoice payments of your company’s customers. There may be a number of reasons for non-payment of an invoice or a claim – the client might have forgotten about it or not considered it of utmost importance, or, in the worst case, such actions can be downright malicious. In the case of non-payment on time, we will send out reminders on your behalf.

For you as a creditor, it is important to recognise that:

  • Waiting for money is costly;
  • The debtor must be reminded of the claim;
  • A creditor who does not deal with the debtors systematically is not usually considered primary in terms of regular payments, and their invoices are normally paid last.

For the foregoing reasons, credit management is crucial for any company. We combine sending written reminders, calling as well as sending text messages to the debtor. If the debtor does not respond to our reminders, we proceed to the collection phase.

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