For Creditors


Extra-Judicial Debt Collection

Extra-judicial debt collection, or debt collection procedure, has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to collect debts. Read more

Asset-Based Debt Collection

AP Inkasso LLC carries out authorised debt collection of the client’s immovable or movable property in possession of a third party. Read more

Document Management

To minimise the number of debtors, appropriate basic documentation must be compiled. Practice shows that many debts are difficult to collect since companies neglect nuances when compiling documentation which would later allow to deal with debtors more effectively. Read more

Legal Advice for Creditors

We represent clients in proceedings of action and, if required, also in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings. We provide assessment of adequacy of claims against you and their compliance with the law to determine whether the claims are justified. Read more

Preparation of Background Studies

Preparing background studies, we assess the debtor’s situation and try to find out why financial difficulties have occurred. Then, we will advise on how to cooperate and deal with the debtor. Read more

Debt-Claim Purchase

Selling debt claims will allow you to direct more resources and knowledge to the business processes connected with the main field of activity. Debt claim purchase offers by AP Inkasso LLC depend on debt risk level. Read more

Payment Order Expedited Procedure

Payment order expedited procedure is a formalised procedure that allows the creditor to get an execution document (a payment order) faster than during a proceeding of action, and less costly. Read more

Credit Management

We will monitor invoice payments of your company’s customers. There may be a number of reasons for non-payment of an invoice or a claim – the client might have forgotten about it or not considered it of utmost importance, or, in the worst case, such actions can be downright malicious. In the case of non-payment on time, we will send out reminders on your behalf. Read more

Collection Stamp

AP Inkasso LLC issues the client a temple for one year upon signing the cooperation agreement, marking the invoice with which will signal the business partner that the invoice not paid on time is subject to debt collection by a debt collection agency. Read more