About Us


AP Inkasso LLC

AP Inkasso LLC is a a debt collection agency offering business and legal counselling. We are very flexible and wish to provide customer-focused credit management services to improve people’s financial literacy and to thus avoid the occurrence of debtors in Estonia. Our company is characterised by efficiency, speed, performance, and desire to do our job well.
Instead of spending your time on debtors’ empty promises, you can now deal solely with your primary tasks and leave debt collection to our professionals. Does this sound familiar when your debtors promise to pay the debt for weeks and even months? Forget about these unpleasant and time-consuming routine tasks as AP Inkasso LLC is a reliable, innovative, and – compared to the competitors – a favorable debt collection partner.
Should you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us: our professional debt collection specialists can not only successfully negotiate and collect debt, but also advise you in legal matters.